"Art-Cubes" ... TJILI's Art + Rubik's Cubes

We are excited to announce the release of TJILI’s new “Art-Cubes” – official Rubik’s Cubes with TJILI’s colourful artwork on the cube faces. 


“TJILI is an amazing young girl, a gifted artist and big Rubik’s Cube fan. We are delighted for her beautiful artwork to feature on our Rubik’s Cubes”, said Mike Townend, CEO of Rubik’s Brand Ltd.

The Art-Cubes comprise two Special Edition designs; one entitled Purrrfect, and the other Rainbow Jungle.



The Purrrfect Special Edition Art-Cube showcases five of TJILI’s big-cat paintings:  The Player, Tyga, Leon, DandyLion and Top Cat.


The Rainbow Jungle Special Edition is decorated with five other paintings from TJILI's Colourful Creatures collection:  Bird. Humming., The Reflections of Baloo, DreamZ, Dottie and Elefante.

Each Special Edition Art-Cube design is restricted to 888 pieces, ever.  


The unique Special Edition number of each Art-Cube is printed on its “details” face, with TJILI’s artwork adorning the other five cube faces.

“TJILI’s Art-Cubes represent a wonderful union of art and science”, said James Grant Wetherill, TJILI’s father. “Puzzlers will enjoy both the challenge of solving the legendary Rubik’s Cubes and the beauty of TJILI’s colourful paintings … assuming, of course, they manage to unscramble the Art-Cubes!”, he mused.


For those struggling to solve the Art-Cubes help is at hand! Printed on the ‘details’ cube face is also a QR code.

Scanning this unique code leads to TJILI’s mobile portal which offers “Solver” and “Puzzle” apps (3D digital versions of TJILI’s Art-Cubes; one to play with, the other explaining how the cube can be solved), plus links to other content such as TJILI’s artwork, latest news and videos.