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Pimp My Tuk Tuk ("PMTT") in Sri Lanka, 2017, was TJILI's first Crowdfunding Campaign.

Coming from an Asian country, being orphaned, and having special needs, TJILI has an affinity with the worthy causes that the Foundation of Goodness ("FOG") and wonderful, big-hearted PMTT team seek to help. 

TJILI kindly donated her "Tuk Tuk Tripping" artwork to encourage donations and helped PMTT raise over £6,000 to support FOH's charitable initiatives that help the needy, disadvantaged and disabled in rural Sri Lanka - from providing clean water and solar power, to bicycles that help kids get to a school and care for the elderly and disabled.

TJILI has since raised thousands more $s for other good causes and Project HTHX (Help TJILI Help X; where "X" represents selected causes that are close to TJILI's heart) will continue for as long as we do. For HTHX projects we donate TJILI's artwork, time and a substantial share of the proceeds from any sales / auctions, with the balance retained to help towards the costs of TJILI's art materials and continued personal and artistic development.

TJILI is not a registered charity, but it feels great that we are able to help those in need, and the money we voluntarily raise goes a long way to achieve this. 

Thank you for all your support, and contact us if you have a potential HTHX project that we might help with! We can only take on one or two a year small projects each year, and our focus is particularly on helping people (especially orphanages and those with cerebral palsy), endangered creatures, and saving our beautiful planet.


Love, TJILI x

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