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Copyright for all works of art produced by TJILI (Tjili Grant Wetherill) remains with the artist.


The purchaser is granted possession of the work, but permission must be sought for any reproduction rights from the artist's agents. CONTACT US if you have any queries or to make any such requests.


A fee may be negotiable depending on the nature of your request. Commercial exploitation is not permitted without the granting of a licence and the payment of a fee. It is possible that in the future the artist’s agents may approach the purchaser requesting short term loan of the work, for example for exhibition purposes, and it is hoped that the purchaser will approve and comply with such a request.


If anytime in the future the owner wishes to sell the work, it would be greatly appreciated if the artist’s agents were given first offer to purchase.


We issue a Certificate of Authenticity with all Originals and Special Edition prints.


This document certifies that the artwork you purchase is unique and either an Original work or a Special Edition series numbered and hand-signed by TJILI.


The document describes the artwork, title, date, medium, size and a unique catalogue number along with TJILI's original signature.

The following are images of a sample certificate for Originals and Special Editions:

Certificate of Authenticity
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