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Inspirational Young Artists:

Raising Charitable Funds and Awareness To Help Special Needs Artists

Auction of Non-Fungible Token ("NFT") Art, Music and Video, together with Unique Art and Music (Real-world) Collectibles, and 'Meet-the-Artist' Events, to Raise Funds For Charity Art Programmes that Support Young People with Mental and Physical Health Challenges

Donate to "Tell Me"

Hong Kong, 5 March 2022 --

​Two inspirational 20 year-old artists have come together online to create meaningful beauty in song and imagery, in a bid to inspire awareness and hope.


Their goal is to raise much needed charity funds to help fellow youngsters with mental and physical challenges to pursue their own artistic ambitions.

Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter Andreah’s new single “Tell Me,” inspired by her personal mental health issues, is compellingly illustrated through the cover artwork created by TJILI, an acclaimed artist who has cerebral palsy, is deaf and cannot speak yet is able to create amazing works of art that are internationally acclaimed and have inspired tens of millions worldwide.