TJILI adores animals. Amongst her heroes are the Steves; Irwin and Backshall. In tropical Asia TJILI has seen, met, even hugged and stroked many exotic creatures. She also has a vivid imagination and dreams big. Et voila ... the Colouful Creatures collection. Enjoy.


TJILI's artwork is available for you to own. Click on your favourite pieces below then you can choose from Originals, Special Edition Giclée Prints, and Bamboo Prints. Sales proceeds help support TJILI's art tuition, materials, education, and specialist therapies. Thank you!


We issue a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) with all Originals and Special Edition prints. The COA describes the artwork, title, date, medium, size and provides a unique catalogue number along with TJILI's original signature. It certifies that the artwork you purchase is unique and either an Original work or a Special Edition series.

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