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Tanzania use four TJILI paintings for their "Wildlife of Africa" national stamps

We are delighted to announce that Tanzania have chosen four paintings from TJILI’s "Colourful Creatures" collection for a new series of national stamps entitled "Wildlife of Africa".

The two Wildlife of Africa mini-sheets feature TJILI’s "Dottie" (giraffe), "Flamboyant" (flamingo), "King of the World" (lion), and "Elefante" (elephant). The stamps are issued today, Sunday, 17 December 2017.

MINI-SHEET 1 (feat. "Dottie")

Wildlife of Africa stamps - click to see "Dottie" art

(Copyright © TPC, IGPC and TJILI )

MINI-SHEET 2 (feat. "Flamboyant", "King of the World" and "Elefante")

Wildlife of Africa stamps - "Flamboyant", "King of the World" and "Elefante"