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DandyLion is a loveable Bohemian rogue; the one-of-a-kind cat you’d rub shoulders with at the roulette table in Casino de Monte Carlo, who would hypnotise you with his penetrating, quizzical gaze over an Old Fashioned, whose soft baritone voice purrs tales of adventure from his days as a young actor who soon decided that the world was really his stage.


Our hero wears crushed-velvet suits, an enormous ruby and gold ring, cowboy boots with curious scars that you want to ask about but daren’t, and his tousled mane changes colour like a kaleidoscope that you can’t help staring at. (Don’t worry, everyone does, he doesn’t mind, it amuses him !)


We hope you like Dandy the colourful loner, a handsome charmer who’s best friends with everyone for one famous night yet vanished not to return the next ...


  • THE ORIGINAL (2017)

    An original watercolour painting by TJILI, created using graphite pencil and fine watercolour pastels on art paper. The painting is signed by TJILI and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity to certify that the artwork you purchase is indeed unique and original, one of a kind. The certificate describes the artwork, title, date, medium, size and a unique catalogue number along with TJILI's original signature.



    A special edition run of 125 giclée fine-art prints based on the original watercolour painting by TJILI. Each is hand-numbered, embossed, and personally signed by TJILI, and comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity which describes the artwork, title, date, medium, size and a unique edition number along with TJILI's original signature. These fine-art prints are exhibition-quality, produced in accordance with Fine Art Trade Guild standards by our award-winning partners using state-of-the-art professional giclée inkjet machines and hand-picked Hahnemühle museum-grade archival paper to produce the highest possible quality of fine-art prints available anywhere worldwide.​ Special Editions are limited and, once they are sold out, no further fine-art prints will be produced.



    An open edition run of prints based on the original watercolour painting by TJILI. These quality prints use Hahnemühle Bamboo, a natural white, warm-toned fine art paper made from bamboo fibres. The high-end inkjet coating guarantees accurate colour reproduction and high-contrast, resulting in genuine highly-detailed fine art prints. TJILI’s Bamboo Print range stands for spirituality, naturalness and environmental friendliness.

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