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Tjili adores Spider-Man and regularly used to dress as Spidey to go to school, when she visited her orphanage etc. She was absolutely over the moon to meet the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2; Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx.


After Tjili saw that Emma won an Oscar in 2017 for La La Land, she then painted an Oscar. TJILI hopes to meet Emma to present her second Oscar in due course.

Emma, Meet Oscar

  • THE ORIGINAL (2017)

    An original watercolour painting by TJILI, created using graphite pencil and fine watercolour pastels on art paper. The painting is signed by TJILI and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity to certify that the artwork you purchase is indeed unique and original, one of a kind. The certificate describes the artwork, title, date, medium, size and a unique catalogue number along with TJILI's original signature.



    An open edition run of prints based on the original watercolour painting by TJILI. These quality prints use Hahnemühle Bamboo, a natural white, warm-toned fine art paper made from bamboo fibres. The high-end inkjet coating guarantees accurate colour reproduction and high-contrast, resulting in genuine highly-detailed fine art prints. TJILI’s Bamboo Print range stands for spirituality, naturalness and environmental friendliness.

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