We're excited to introduce TJILI's first ever calendar at a special launch price so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy TJILI's artwork throughout 2018  x


We've designed TJILI's 2018 calendar to be both beautiful and functional, allowing plenty of space to write your important appointments.


The calendar offers a gorgeous new picture each month, based on the following original watercolour paintings by TJILI:


2018 Calendar


    We offer three versions to choose from:


    • UK & Ireland holidays and main observances
    • USA & Canada holidays and main observances
    • International - key global holidays and observances are included as an extra page rather than printed in the calendar (you can choose whether to write them in, depending on your location)



    We use only Premium Quality paper and all our print products are FSC certified … 

    Let’s protect our forests together !!



    Many thanks for supporting TJILI and her artistic future. A short overview about TJILI is printed on the back of her calendars.

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