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MAIL ON SUNDAY ARTICLE: Artistic triumph of the cerebral palsy girl who was dumped on a hospital doorstep

Mail On Sunday story on TJILI (5 March 2017).


Orphan, 15, takes centre stage at major exhibition after being warned she might never walk unaided.

  • Tjili Grant Wetherill, 15, weighed just 2lb 3oz when she was left in Phnom Penh

  • She was adopted by British couple James and Vik Grant Wetherill

  • Specialists warned that she might never sit, stand or walk unaided

  • Two of Tjili’s pieces will feature in the Contemporary Watercolour Exhibition

  • But her talents don’t end there – she can solve a Rubik’s Cube in just five minutes


Click here to see the full Mail On Sunday story and video online.



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TJILI's "Tyga" selected by the Royal Watercolour Society for its 2018 "Contemporary Watercolour Competition"